WorkflowMax Tips: Dude Where’s My Job?

WorkflowMax offers many levels of delegation, assignment and responsibility for jobs and tasks. A question we’re often asked is ‘Where is my job?’ Or ‘Why can’t I see my job in my timesheet?

If you find this happens try these steps:

1) Search the client: Completed and/or cancelled jobs will be archived out of sight and out of quick-search. I find it easier to find the client and scan through the jobs.

2) Check the job start dates: You’ll only be able to enter timesheets for periods inside a jobs start and due date.

3) Make sure staff are assigned to the job: Staf won’t be able to do timesheets for jobs they’re not assigned to.

4) Check the tasks aren’t completed: Staff can only add time to jobs that haven’t had their budgets (tasks) ‘closed off’. By ticking the box this removes it from further timesheet entries.

5) Check the staff assigned to the task:
This will default to be the staff assigned to the job in most cases however if you expressly add or remove staff from a task only those staff listed will be able to work on this task and add their time to it.

6) Check the task due dates: This again defaults to ‘always available’ (displayed as starting and due today, every day). If however you specifically schedule a start and due date for this task you will find that after the due date staff will no longer be able to add their time to the job.

Following these 6 steps should get you your answer the quickest way possible. Be sure to share this with your colleagues and new staff to encounter the same problem.

Still can’t find your job? I’d recommend booking a quick session with us using this link.

What our fans say

Together the WorkflowMax and Link Academy team have been hugely beneficial to our architectural practice. I would have been lost setting up and running WFM without the professional and informative Link Academy tutorials, which I return to time and again. Highly recommend.

Jan McPhedran

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