What are your best options for setting up Xero?

Xero will be familiar to most of you as the world’s leading accounting app for small businesses. With its intuitive design and packed with all the features a small business needs it is easy to see why it’s adored by over 1.2 million businesses globally. Until recently however there have only been two options available to people wanting to use Xero for their business: set it up themselves or have an expert do it for them. In this blog we’ll lay out each of the setup options available and introduce a new innovative alternative.

Can I set up Xero myself?

You sure can! With its self-service sign-up and low monthly fee it’s easy to see why setting Xero up yourself is a popular option. This option can work well if you’re in the start-up phase of business and have some prior accounting experience. One of the common mistakes people make is rushing their setup in the belief Xero must be operational from day one of trading. This is not the case for industries including property, retail, hospitality and many others that don’t require customer on-account invoicing. In most cases your Xero and all of its historical transactions can be retrospectively setup after you start trading by either yourself or a professional.

When should I use a professional?

If you’re moving from an existing accounting system unless you’ve got significant accounting experience it is best you use an expert in order to minimise the disruption to your business. The most common mistake people make is attempting to save money by doing it themselves only to spend it later in the year on finishing or fixing the setup properly. When looking for an expert you want to be using a Xero Certified Advisor. A typical Xero setup will cost between $1,000 and $3,000 NZD depending on the complexity of your business, the volume of historical transactions and the number of staff that need training.

The Best of Both

Until recently the above two options were it. You either paid a professional to have your Xero setup properly or do it yourself and risk any consequences. Link Academy is the world’s first online training platform for Xero. The Xero Implementation Course allows you to set up Xero confidently yourself with the right steps and the help of an expert. The in-course chat provides the human element needed to guarantee a successful result for every business, every time. The Xero User Course ensures your current and future staff have the skills they need to maintain your Xero on a daily basis. The training is role-specific ensuring they learn and retain just the skills they need to know, and nothing they don’t.

With Link Academy you can confidently set up your Xero with all benefits of an expert, without the accompanying price tag. All of this can be completed at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

What our fans say

We recently installed PlanRight and used the Link Academy tutorials to gain an insight and understanding of the product prior to full implementation.  The videos were informative and succinct but long enough to cover the information we needed.  So overall the result we wanted – Thanks

Nicky Hanshaw

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