Netsuite vs Unleashed Comparison – 7 Features

Every year we receive a handful of enquires from people moving from Netsuite to Unleashed. The reasons for this are varied but mostly it’s cost. Unleashed is a powerful inventory system and bang-for-buck the best inventory app available. Unleashed will achieve 90% of what Netsuite does for your inventory at about 10% of the cost. The below short article describes some of the main inventory features you will however sacrifice by moving from Netsuite to Unleashed.
  1. Bin Locations on the stock level
    Unleashed allows you to assign products to a bin location. This allows us to find and pick our products faster by looking for products in the right parts of our warehouse. As soon as you start storing the same SKU in multiple areas of of your warehouse however Unleashed is unable to tell you how many units of the same item are stored in each location.
  2. Demand Forecasting
    Currently we can use the Unit Sales Enquiry (which has recently been improved) to review historical product demand, export this to excel and extrapolate forward. This is handled better in Netsuite however most customers I have met with have such unique forecasting methods that they prefer excel anyway.
  3. Linking multiple Sales Orders to a single Purchase Order
    Although we can create a PO off the back of a sales order, and create multiple PO’s using the Reorder Report we’re not able to manually link multiple Sales Orders with a single purchase order. This occurs where people who order containers worth of goods with a 12 week lead time need to sell the stock on that specific container to the customers with open sales orders.
  4. Deposits on Purchase Orders
    Netsuite handles deposits with a big fat ‘deposits’ button that links to a supplier prepayments (asset) account. We have a work around for this however it’s not as elegant as a dedicated button. This is common amongst customers importing goods from overseas.
  5. Deposits on Sales Orders
    Netsuite handles this using a big fat ‘deposits’ button on each sales order that links to a customer prepayments (liability) account. This is not attributed to items in the order, just to the sales order itself. We have a work around for this however it’s not as elegant as a dedicated button. This is common in custom manufacturing, specialty products and high-value products.
  6. PO Costing Methods
    Netsuite allows you to elect the method by which you weigh the costs associated with a purchase order. Unleashed uses the weighted average value method which works well for most businesses. This can be set manually in Unleashed at the time of receipting the stock but will involve you pulling out your calculator.
  7. Inventory Costing
    Netsuite allows you to elect your inventory valuation method from FIFO, Weighted Average Cost and Last Cost. Unleashed uses the weighted average value method for inventory costing too which works well for most businesses. Unleashed allows us to manually override the default allocation of PO Costs however this requires the user to calculate this each time.
If you can live without or are not using the above 7 features in your Netsuite there is a good chance you can save yourself a stack of software licensing costs without sacrificing too much functionality in moving to Unleashed from Netsuite. To view what Unleashed can do for an inventory business check out this Unleashed Overview Video. For a better understanding of Unleashed is not, check out the five main limitations of Unleashed

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