How much time is required?
Setting up Unleashed typically requires 20-30 hours including staff training. This program is planned for 4 weeks but can be completed in 2 weeks.
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Between Reuben with his well informed Unleashed training videos and Will with his patient, cheerful and skilled manner, these guys not only know Unleashed inside and out, they have a sound knowledge of how business ticks so are able to make any business work perfectly with Unleashed. I highly recommend the Link Academy team!
Alister Buchanan
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Follow the steps below to successfully set up your Unleashed.

Reuben Sweeney

30day-guaranteeWho is this course for? 

This course is for anyone wanting to avoid the common pitfalls when implementing Unleashed into their organisation.  The course also ensures the implementation of Unleashed goes smoothly without disruption to your day-to-day operations.

What does the course cover?  

The course starts with taking you through how to write up a project plan.  It is critical to ensure you get the timing of the implementation right, so we want to get that nailed down first.  We then take you through every step of the way.  We should you how to set the account up, import your products and bill of materials, design your document, then help you load your stock on hand.  We will also be showing you how to setup your Xero integration and explaining how it works.

How long does it take?  

There are only about 3 hours of videos, but you will need to set aside anywhere between 2 – 10 hours to gather and input the data into Unleashed.  We would also recommend budgeting 1 hour for every 25 assembled items you have.

Why take this course? 

Unleashed is a system you will need help setting up.  It is such a powerful tool, but if setup incorrectly it can cause a lot of downtime trying to fix it.  Our course ensures you avoid all the common mistakes and you are able to utilise the power of this incredible platform.
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