Checklist for Removing Staff from your Job Management System

When staff leave it can be difficult to protect your valuable business information while also ensuring you have the flexibility to view, edit and invoice any of their jobs or clients. This quick guide provides a checklist and suggested process for removing staff from your WorkflowMax.

Their Last Week:

1) Review their timesheet entries and staff disbursements

Reviewing your outgoing staffs timesheet entries and disbursements prior to their last day working for you ensures that their time has been allocated to the correct jobs and eases up the admin on their last day. Ensure their timesheets are completed to date and review the timesheet entries for anomalies in the jobs they’ve been working on or the duration of those jobs. The last thing you want is a client invoicing query in a month’s time with no staff member to fill in the gaps. The easiest way to do this is to run a Staff Time Detail report located under Reports>All Reports.

2) Allocate new job managers

Prior to their last day it is important that any jobs they are managing are allocated to new job managers. The easiest way to do this in to go to the Job Manager and Options>Assign Manager. This is a good time to ensure a handover occurs between the outgoing staff member and the new job manager.

On their last day:

1) Ensure timesheets are completed and submitted

2) Ensure staff disbursements are submitted

4) Go to Settings>Users and un-tick ‘currently working’

This will disable their access to WorkflowMax but will retain their license in case you need to add, edit or remove timesheet entries at invoicing time. Deleting a staff member prematurely makes editing or moving timesheet entries later difficult as these records will be ‘read-only’.

5) IF they are returning in the near-medium term then leave this unticked and retain their user name.

After invoicing or end of month:

1) Go to Settings>Users and ‘Delete Staff’

This will free up another license to allocate to another staff member. All historical records like timesheet entries or job ownership/assignment will become ‘read-only’. Your reports will not be affected and nothing is removed/deleted accept their access.

Following the above process will avoid most of the commonly occurring problems we see with removing staff from WorkflowMax. It will also ensure your clients receive as little disruption as possible as projects are handed from one person to the next. For more practical advice check out our the WorkflowMax Tune Up Course designed for existing WorkflowMax users.

If you’d like to discuss the best process for your business I’d recommend booking a quick session with us using this link.

What our fans say

I found working with Will extremely productive. We had been using WorkflowMax for several years but Will’s input and the online training course provided us with insights into areas we hadn’t previously fully explored. In particular, we now have a range of invoice templates that suit different situations. I’d highly recommend working with Will and the team at Link Academy to get the best out of your investment into WorkflowMax.
Mark Presnell - Convergence
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