Apple Pay: A Five Minute Overview

The means with which people can pay for goods and services is increasing day by day, with movement towards an eventual cashless society seeming almost inevitable. One of the examples of this inexorable change is the relatively new Apple pay system. Coming from the most valuable company on the planet, Apple pay is a method of payment that uses its worldwide network of devices to access debit cards and credit cards, boasting remarkable security measures. Lets look at the Apple pay system and how it will work in conjunction with your point of sale system.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple pay is a simple little app that allows your device to act as a pay wave. Now you can easily pay with your debit cards and credit cards with just a touch on your phone or tablet. The Apple pay not only works in stores but also for in-app purchases and even through the internet. The check out process is more efficient, quicker, and safer through the use of the Apple Pay system.

So how does this tie in with your stores point of sale system? You may be familiar with how to use a pos system in the standard format, but is it a simple enough process to incorporate Apple pay? With new apps like Shopify, it can be: when your customers are ready to make a purchase, they simply tap their Apple device in front of your Shopify POS reader and the payment is processed. Learning how to use a pos in this way may benefit from an online course in pos software, such as through the Link Academy site or similar options.

How can Apple Pay Help Your Business?

Firstly, the Apple Pay system increases the security of payments.

The system utilizes your unique fingerprint to help bolster security, meaning identity and card theft is ruled out.

Forgetting cards or running the risk of having the details scanned from your cards is also no longer a risk you have to take, as once your card details are loaded and familiar, you no longer use the physical credit or debit cards. Your details are also never shared by Apple, meaning privacy is also enhanced.

The speed, simplicity, and ease of payment is also improved with Apple Pay. Unlike paying with a physical card, using Apple Pay in stores happens in seconds with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Just hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch, within reach of the stores reader and voila- instant payment.

Setting up your pos system to integrate Apple Pay should not require specific pos software training. New and powerful apps like the Vend pos, when paired with a tap, chip or swipe reader you are ready to go. There are occasionally challenges to implementing a new system however, such as deciding on the best pos system for your business and ensuring the hardware you have in operation meets the Apple Pay necessities. For questions like these, consider going beyond the help desk options of app providers to more in depth online courses like those provided by Link Academy or professionals in the field.

In Review- is it Worth Investing?

When it comes to payment, trust is what customers are looking for. The Apple brand has had its challenges but its impressive security has always had the marketplaces’ confidence. The Apple Pay system allows you to take part in that trust, as well as provide another easier, faster and more secure method of payment for customers. If point of sale software training concerns you, don’t let it. The options for training are as varied as the pos apps themselves. Don’t forget, you pay for quality- if you are looking for quality point of sale software training, look to the professionals like Link Academy who have experience implementing these systems in the field.

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